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  • Takeout:
    50620 Valley Centre Blvd
    St Clairsvle, OH 43950

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  • Takeout:
    50620 Valley Centre Blvd
    St Clairsvle, OH 43950

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St Clairsvle, OH Eat'n Park Restaurants

Eat’n Park Restaurant has long been a staple in the St Clairsvle community. Whether your splitting late-night appetizers with friends after a high school football game or spending time with family at Sunday brunch, you can count on us to serve up a smile through our classic meals morning, noon, or night!

We can also help you make anywhere in St Clairsvle the place for smiles with Eat’n Park takeout. Our entire menu is available for takeout with several easy pickup options like our curbside pickup or contactless lobby shelves! (Delivery and pickup windows are also available at select locations in the area.) Plus, easy online ordering will help you place your order in a snap!

At Eat’n Park, giving back to St Clairsvle is a part of who we are, and it makes us smile to know we’re working to make a difference. From Smiley Cookies donations and youth sports sponsorships to raising funds for local children’s hospitals through our Caring for Kids program, we’re proud to partner with many local organizations in the St Clairsvle community. So what are you waiting for? Stop by for a smile and a Superburger today!

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